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This beautiful green crystal helps us understand the Divine Mind and allows us to live in alignment with our highest purpose. It facilitates self healing by helping us release old hurts and bad habits. It enables us to see our life from a spiritual perspective thereby making it easier to change our thoughts and behaviors. Gaspeite can also increase the incidence of fortuitous synchronicity in our lives.

Take gaspeite with you if you have to move house suddenly or leave family and friends behind for work commitments to ease transition and to keep loving links.
Gaspeite is a stone that offers you the best of both worlds, wear gaspeite jewelry to attract success at work, loving relationships, lasting friendships while at the same time valuing quiet moments and fostering a connection to nature.
​People who have used the stone have found that it has strong healing attributes. This stone is an excellent stone to help you to better utilize the energy of coincidence. Gaspeite aids healing, It has an excellent healing vibration and will transfer the healing power to the person using it. Meditate with gaspeite while sitting on the ground, setting out any difficulties and trusting that the answer will come in the most appropriate way. Hold it whenever you need safe passage as it facilitates moving through dark and dangerous places without being noticed.

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