Dendritic Agate, Pearl, & Garnet Necklace

  • $134.00

Necklace Only

DENDRITIC AGATE helps us to keep a positive, though not unrealistic, attitude while traveling a path of inner work and transformation. It helps to reduce stress in difficult times, promoting a good-natured acceptance of circumstances, as well as help in improving them. It allows one to see and forgive self and others.

PEARL helps us feel pure and act accordingly. It brings focus and attention to development and growth, and reinforces our personal wholeness, inner delicacy, and beauty. It also stimulates the power of femininity, increases self-esteem and respect, and brings self-acceptance.

GARNET evokes inspiration and creativity, allowing one’s real talents to come to light. It stimulates and motivates, dispels depression, and inspires a positive attitude toward life. It also balances emotions, prevents and dispels fears, grudges, and impure thoughts, and brings joy and optimism, and self-esteem.